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Zarry Media is operating with a mission to educate and raise awareness among viewers about the untapped subjects of the society through immaculate documentaries, short clips, and videos. We want to bring our viewer’s attention to yet-to-be-explored indigenous and official languages spoken in different regions of Canada. We aim to foster awareness through educative cartoons, web language lessons, and learning tutorials, which show the audience that there is more to indigenous languages than they already know

About Us

Zarry Media is an independent, Canadian-based production company born out of a passion for spreading awareness about the indigenous languages spoken across the world, especially in Canada. The platform is founded by Wahbi Zarry, who is a talented director, story writer, and content producer, experienced in planning and coordinating public art projects. Zarry Media aims to create eccentric educative videos, movies, and documentaries to spread awareness.

Zarry Media is a cumulative effort of talented individuals who bring together unique ideas to highlight untapped subjects of Canadian society through educational documentaries, short movies, and long videos. We leverage the latest audio and video technology to handle every aspect of original and inspiring video content creation, including screenwriting, production, and post-production. We run a YouTube Channel, “Canadian Languages,” focused on educational content on indigenous Canadian Languages.


Canadian languages

Did you know? More than seven thousand indigenous languages are spoken across the world. Sadly, four out of every ten indigenous languages are going extinct due to a lack of awareness and preservatory efforts.

Indigenous Languages are a part of any nation’s identity, and there is a dire need for efforts to be taken for the preservation of all indigenous languages. Only through the mutual efforts of native speakers, language experts, and educationalists, can we pass on the native languages to our new generation.

Zarry Media is here to fill the educational gap between the indigenous language speakers and the audience. Through our platform, we aim to preserve and revitalize indigenous languages spoken in Canada. Our efforts are aimed at winning the race against time and extinction of classic indigenous languages as fluent speakers pass on. We combine the latest video product technology, on-point direction, and creative production to preserve the ancient allure of indigenous languages in Canada.

Through our one-on-one interviews with fluent indigenous language speakers, we probe deep into the roots of indigenous language origins, its current state, and the meaning behind every word spoken in our videos. We highlight how the indigenous language speakers in Canada have transformed with time, how they look, how they behave, and how much there is a need to take serious steps for the preservation of unique indigenous languages spoken in Canada.


Zarry Media is an effort towards creating a bigger, more educated, and more inclusive world that realizes there is more to languages and communication than we already know!

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